Mediation & Arbitration

We offer another way to resolve private international conflicts.
From Libs, we can provide both mediation and arbitration services as an alternative to court litigation.


meeting-room-730679_1920Mediation is a method used to help the parties in a disagreement, alternatively to court litigation or arbitration. Its goal is to find a common solution by minimizing the harm that comes from disagreement; promoting the understanding of the other’s position, the dialog and the end of the dispute in a flexible and not imposed way.

In mediation the parties keep control of the outcome by entering an agreement. Unlike litigation and arbitration, in mediation both parties must agree for reaching a settlement, otherwise there won’t be any resolution, since mediation is voluntary.

An impartial and objective lawyer from Libs will be the mediator and assist you to negotiate a settlement, trying to reach a satisfactory outcome for all the participants.


Arbitration is a method for solving problems as an alternative to court adjudication by which the parties having a dispute choose an impartial third party (arbitrator), to resolve their case; and the decision of the arbitrator will be binding for them.

The arbitration method is initiated pursuant a contractual provision, when the parties agree to resolve their problem this way. We could say that arbitration is such a private court, based in a contract between the parties.

Arbitration is the most popular alternative to litigation, used in many countries, but it is important also to remark that is not possible in every field.

Flexibility, confidentiality, easy enforceability and less costly than litigation.

These are the most notable benefits of arbitration, which make it a very interesting and attractive option for solving disputes.

Talk to our lawyers and find out which is the best way to settle your dispute.

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