Start a business in Norway

We advise you from the initial moment by explaining you the different legal structures suitable for your future company and assist you during all the starting process, translating all the documents for you, and concluding with the registration of the company.

We will explain you all the basic knowledge that you may need for running your own business in Norway.

Norwegian stock-based company formation and registration (aksjeselskap):

We will prepare and fill in all the required documentation for the formation of the company.

  • Memorandum
  • Articles of association
  • Minutes of the board meeting
  • Minutes of the extraordinary general meeting

Registration of the company in the Norwegian mercantile register, in Brønøysund.

Includes legal advice during the process.

A registration fee of NOK 5.666 will be sent to your address by the Norwegian mercantile register, after your company is formed. This fee is not included on our price.

This service will require that you previously have a Norwegian bank account and a fødselsnummer (Social security number in Norway), which means that if you do not have one of them you will have to travel to Norway, in case you are abroad, and perform the necessary formalities.

Norwegian sole proprietorship company formation and registration (enkeltpersonforetak):

    • Sole proprietorship  (ENK) registration in the Norwegian mercantile register (Brønnøysund Register).
  • Legal advice during the process.

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