Export to Spain

If you want to export to Spain, we can give you advise to introduce your company in the Spanish market, preparing and assisting you for the exportation.

Trust us and our experience to accommodate you with starting a forthcoming business in Spain.

We offer three different services for the exportation:

1. Personal assessment of your case by one of our advisors

  • Evaluation of your case.
  • Building up a plan for the exportation.
  • Advice for implementing the exportation plan.

2. Theoretical seminar: Introduce your company into the Spanish market

  • Join our online seminar where we will provide you with the basic knowledge that you need to have in order to decide if you are interested or not in exporting to Spain.
  • Online video conference with one of our lawyers.
  • 2 hours duration.
  • Materials will be delivered.
  • After the seminar, we will analyse the specific case of your company and your product.

Price 160 euros + VAT

3. Market study

  • This study is a very useful tool for starting, developing or increasing your business incomes, as well as for planning a successful exportation, by following the guidelines of our professionals.
  • Market study and research of your potential customers or partners and viability of the exportation.
  • Business and institutional partnership proposals.
  • Strategic development plan to reach your goals in Spain.

Price 500 euros + VAT

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